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Lecture - The Usefulness of the Marker Calprotectin

FML seminar, December 15, 2012: New Developments in Gastroenterology with Focus on Hepatitis


The Usefulness of the Marker Calprotectin

Associate Professor Michaela Jaksch, MD PhD
Freiburg Medical Laboratory ME LLC, Dubai


Calprotectin is a calcium and zinc binding protein expressed by the gene S100A8. It is highly concentrated in the cytosol of neutrophils. Many studies have shown that it has bacteriostatic and fungistatic properties. It is resistant to enzymatic degradation, and can be easily measured in faeces. Inflammatory GIT diseases often result in influx of neutrophils into the GIT. Calprotectin is elevated in Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis and GIT neoplasms (cancer). It should be considered in the following conditions: (i) Distinguishing inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) from functional bowel disease (IBS), and avoid the need for invasive tests such as colonoscopy (ii assessing efficacy of IBD treatments (iii) predicting relapses or flares of IBD.

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