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Efficient Laboratory Diagnostics in Autoimmune Disorders

FML seminar, December 14, 2013: Autoimmune Disorders


Efficient Laboratory Diagnostics in Autoimmune Disorders
PD Dr. med. Michaela Jaksch
Freiburg Medical Laboratory, Dubai, UAE

The laboratory diagnostic work-up in suspected autoimmune connective tissue disorders is highly complex and requires a strict procedure from high sensitive screening to high specific testing.  However specific testing is frequently used as a first approach, thereby leading to a significant number of missed diagnoses. 

This short lecture will focus on efficient workflows in the diagnosis of the most common autoimmune connective tissue disorders. 

Available methods with advantages and disadvantages will be presented. Important  interaction between clinic and laboratory, step wise procedures, interpretation of results and follow up recommendations will be discussed. 


Accredited according to DIN EN ISO 15189

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