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Our Team

Our Team

Driven by Professional Excellence


Our team is made up of exceptional individuals covering the following areas:

  • Medical Director/Expert in Laboratory Medicine and Genetics
  • Specialist Clinical Pathologist
  • Scientific Supervisor
  • Business Development Manager
  • Lab Manager
  • Quality Manager
  • Manager for Safety and Hygiene
  • Senior and Junior Technicians for: Clinical Chemistry, Immunology and Autoimmunology, Infectiology, Hematology, Blood-Grouping, HPLC, Coagulation, Molecular Virology, Standard Microbiology, Microscopy
  • Data Entry Team
  • Customer Service Team
  • Receptionist Team
  • Administration and Finance Team
  • Logistics Team



Dr. Michaela Jaksch (MD, PhD)
Managing and Medical Director

Dr. Michaela Jaksch (MD, PhD)

Associate Professor Michaela Jaksch (MD, PhD)
Managing and Medical Director

Alma Mater: Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich.

Medical Studies: 1986-1992; Doctoral Thesis in Immunology, 1993, Munich.

Specialization: Laboratory Medicine 1993-2000, Munich.

Graduation: Facharzt, Laboratory Medicine, 2000, Munich. Head of Research (Inherited MetabolicDisorders in Infancy), Munich, funded by DFG.

Publications: 50 peer-reviewed articles (h-index:28). Two Research Awards 1998 & 2002, two Scholarships, McGill University, Montreal, Canada. Associate Professor 2003: based on research 'Genetic causes of Cytochrome-c-oxidase deficiency’, Munich. Elected for Professorship of Neurobiochemistry, 2003, (Dresden University, Germany). Senior Consultant, Laboratory Medicine 2003. Since 2004 Medical and Managing Director at ‘Freiburg Medical Laboratory Middle East LLC’, Dubai, UAE.

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Dr. Nehmat El Banna
Specialist Clinical Pathologist

Dr. Nehmat El Banna

Dr. Nehmat El Banna
Specialist Clinical Pathologist

MD, Medical Doctor in General Medicine and Pediatrics: 1993 – 2000 Lebanese University – Faculty of Medicine – Beirut, Lebanon.

General Practitioner, General Medicine and Pediatrics: 2001 – 2006 – Private / Ein W Zein Hospital Beirut, Lebanon.

MSCP, Master of Clinical Pathology: 2009- 2011 Gulf Medical University – College of Graduate studies – Ajman, UAE.

Molecular Biology Instructor/College of Graduate studies coordinator: 2011 – 2013 Gulf Medical University – College of Graduate studies – Ajman, UAE.

Specialist Clinical Pathology: 2013 – 2014 Centre of Advanced Biomedical Research and Innovation – Ajman, UAE.

Specialist Clinical Pathology: Freiburg Medical Laboratory since 2014.

Dr. Sibylle Blumenthal
Scientific Supervisor

Dr. Sibylle Blumenthal

Dr. Sibylle Blumenthal
Scientific Supervisor

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry: 1988-1992, University of California, Berkeley, USA.

Research Associate: 1993-1994, ESCAgenetics Corporation, San Carlos, USA.

Master’s in Biochemistry: 1994-1998, Eberhard-Karls-University, Tuebingen, Germany.

Doctoral Thesis in Molecular Biology: 1998-2001, Eberhard-Karls-University, Tuebingen, Germany.

Post-Doctoral Research in Molecular and Cellular Biology: 2002-2004, Eberhard-Karls-University Clinics, Tuebingen, Germany.

Senior Scientist: 2004-2008, GeneBridges GmbH, Heidelberg, Germany.

Assistant Business Development Manager: 2009-2011, Dubaiomics FZ-LLC, Dubai, UAE.

Scientific Supervisor: since 2011, Freiburg Medical Laboratory, Dubai, UAE.


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